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AGROTIPA SilaPress 11-300
Silage compactor Agrotipa SilaPress AS 210-260-300-320-350-400

Bestseller No.1 in the world! More than 7 0 units sold in 4 continets. Silage compactor Agrotipa SilaPress are indispensable equipment for all those, who require high-quality silage, as well as for biogas plant owners who
wish to achieve high yields in high-quality gas. The device will be mounted to the rear/front three-point coupling of a high-performance tractor (170 hp or more), which features a rear boom lifting force of 74 kN (7560 kg).

Silage compactor Agrotipa SilaPress are produced in different widths and with varying number of waggon wheels on the axle shafts. The width varies in between 2.1 m and 4.0 m. The weight varies in between 2.700 kg
to 6.000 kg.The number of waggon wheels on the axle shafts depend on the width of compactor and increases
from 7 to 15 pieces. Every wheel is greased and the axle shaft has inside four grease stacks for excellent daily work.  The biggest advantige of the machine is, that two last wheels on the left and on the right side of the compactor overhung and they are not framed by the cariing frame of the machine . In this case, the last wheels on both sides,
can press silage material directly close to the clamp wall .Excellent for maize & grass stacks with superior & consistant compaction.

Compactor was awarded in Royal Welsh Farm Show 2015 and in magazine West Morning News Countryside as „Best Farm Product 2015“. Compactor was tested in German magazines „ PROFI“ and „TOP AGRAR“.
The silage pressed by compactor is toughened for 30 % in comparison with silage pressed by tractor.
Agrotipa SilaPress is the the best seller silage compactor. More than 750 units are sold in 4 continets.
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